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Our Values

We are committed to satisfying our customer with our high quality bird nest, which is 100% natural and pure. Customer Healthy is our PRIORITY

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About Us

A bird nest company that has been around since 2000, in buying and selling Bird Nest.We are located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our product is 100% natural, free from preservative, chemical and other additives, which may cause harm to your health. The bird nests are carefully selected to ensure its finest quality. We care for the health of our customers, because your health is our priority.

Our Farm




Cultivating (THE FARM)

JeoBirdnest™ is cultivated, process and packed by our own company without any other resources, hence we can maintain and guaranteed the quality of our product. JeoBirdnest™ comes from our own company's agriculture which located in Indonesia (south of Sumatra and mostly parts of Java).


JeoBirdnest™ has gone through rigorous process. We have our own bird's nest processing factory, which carry out manual removal of feathers. To produce a good shape of the bird nest, we use only the hand skills of our workers. The harvested products are collected, then sent to JeoBirdnest's factory to be rinsed, and clean from all remaining feathers. All of our products are handled by trained staffs and without any type of chemical products.

Cooking, Packaging, & Delivery

JeoBirdnest™ Products comes with a nice packages that could also be used for gift.

About Bird Nest

Since ancient times, bird nest has been known as a precious health food, especially in China. According to many historical data, during that time, only the family of the Emperor and nobles who has the privilege to consume this supreme bird nest, because it's believed to give a long life, rich in nutritional, and youthfulness. Consumption of bird's nest on a regular basis, can provide a positive impact to the body. Based on research, bird nest is rich in protein, carbohydrate, calcium and amino acids. There are 17 types of amino acids, that are contained in bird nest, such as essential amino, semi essential, and non essential. Bird's nest may also help cell regeneration, increase endurance, and increase the body's ability against cell damage. Its nutrients are easily absorbed and digested, so it is suitable for everyone.

Bird's nest can be consumed by :

Children: ehance immune system, improve brain power and strengthen the lungs

Women: maintain youthfulness, rejuvenate the skin, improve complexion, increase metabolism, improves organs perfomance eg. Lungs, kidney, heart

Elderly: strengthen the lungs, and kidney, increase metabolism, regenerate cells in the body, and it helps maintain general health and well being.

Bird's nest good for :

Increase appetite, Blood circulation, Digestive system, Growth, Cleanse the lung, Spedding up recovery, Anti aging, Fighting against free radicals that trigger cancer cells

How to order

Get JeoBirdnest delivered to your door. For delivery request or customer support, please contact us: